Wayward Souls Review

A Rogue-like Action-Adventure

In Wayward Souls you begin by picking one of three classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue) and start your quest in complete confusion. You’ll encounter monsters, traps, loot, forges, shrines and bosses and will curse now and then when you die in a crowd of bats. Later when you gained some experience, you will unlock three more classes (Adventurer, Spellsword, Cultist).


With the gold you will pick up on your journey, you can enhance your hero in 7 categories and finally unlock an 8th skill which makes all classes stronger. Each class comes with its own story, why it got into the tower and whats happening inside – the tower is split into seperate areas each of them having several randomly generated levels and finally a boss.

On your way you pick up various items, some specific to a class, that you can trigger that will give you temporary buffs or health, every class also has a basic attack, a strong attack and two skills which you can trigger with a swipe up or down, during your quest some skills will be modified by using forges, where you can pick your favorite out of two options for a skill or your basic attack.


Wayward Souls comes with charming retroish pixelart and an awesome chilly soundtrack. Though it has two different control styles, i only found the “pro swipe” to be playable and the analogue stick variant to be too hard to control,
it might be missing a left/right handed feature though. All in all the controls are okay, now and then i get hit by enemies because i had to reposition my thumb.


Wayward Souls is awesome, addictive – because of its great replay value, and its chilling soundtrack, it always gets my back on my ipad thinking “just one more try”. If you like Action-Adventures, grab this! You won’t be disappointed.

Wayward Souls Review


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