Fotonica – a lesson on failing

You got to draw a line at some point.

I really want to like Fotonica. I put quite some time into it, admittedly more than i enjoyed ~
the game just doesnt grow on me. But let’s start with the basics: Fotonica is a 3D “first person perspective” runner, but not a free to play one. Fotonica comes with rather monochrome wireframe graphics and ambient eletronic sounds (few of them made by BAIYON who also made the awesome sound to Pixeljunk Eden). Fotonica is controlled with only 1 finger. Fotonica does not have randomly generated levels (except in endless mode). Fotonica has a local multiplayer mode.

Take a look:

So much about the basics.
Now details: There are eight arcade levels that you can play either in normal or in hard mode. i have played some of the levels hundreds of times before i was able to beat them ~ why is it so hard? Well, it’s all about remembering the level, as they are not randomly generated you have to figure out the best route to jump throught them. The wireframe monochrome graphics doesnt make it too easy for me to remember them though, you can collect pink dots on your road that … give extra points and well, thats it. Unlike in other runners there is no currency, nothing you can gather that makes you jump further, run faster, get more points, make the game easier somehow. So its all about remembering, and reaction time.

The graphics as i already mentioned are mostly monochrome, black & white until you reach a certain speed, then they turn gold. Nerds probably get off on the fantastic 3D Engine, esp. considering the fact that it can even render the splitscreen multiplayer. But asides from the interesting technology it just doesnt give me enough, sometimes the graphics are the reason i fail, cause i just didnt understand that the weird lines up ahead are actually a hole that once again will make me retry the level. The sound? Oh well … not being a big eletronic music afficionado myself i can only say so much: its not annoying, it tries to stay in the back, it only does enough to create an athmosphere but thats it.

And the gameplay? Well … its an autorunner, your character runs, he will speed up the longer he runs unobstructed, if you jump he gets slower, if you dive/land he will get faster. Thats excactly what you have to do, you touch your device, to jump you stop touching, to dive/land again you put your finger back on the device. thats it, no other gimmics, double kumps, items or so. Just jumping and diving.

Achievements? No. Online Highscores? No (the score system itself is not very interesting or transparent anyway) Online multiplayer? No. Rage-quitting? Yes! If you like hard games then Fotonica really might be for you. If you search for a casual game to turn your brain of after a hard day of work, keep your fingers away from fotonica, if you like techy-games and enjoy challenges, give it a try – you might enjoy it.



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