Framed – on the importance of order

An App Noir experience

Framed might be just a bit more than a comic. Framed might not have the best value for your money,
as you pay 5 bucks for roughly an hour of gameplay. (Buy it if you get it cheaper!)
Framed still is … well lets start from the beginning.

In Framed you live through the story of various characters. You do that by reading a comic, and rearranging it tiles. Sometimes you turn them. Sometimes you need to have the right timing.

framed gameplay
Thats about it. It is not that complicated most of the times, you solve most riddles pretty quickly,
but they are still entertaining. The Art and Music of the game help a lot – it just looks nice, creates a film noir like athmosphere.

The interface of the game is very minimalistic … to the point where its more ore less non-existent ~ theres a restart button. Yes, thats it,
a restart button, no options menu, no pause, no jumping to a specific level, no profiles (Which is really bad if you share your ipad).

framed ios girl

But well, in the game itself you dont really need an interface, you can drag & drop scenes around, switching their order. Sometimes you can change the orientation of some tiles, for example to change the direction of a road. Later in the game timing is very important, you have to switch some tiles multiple times, in the right order, at the right moment, sometimes that was a little frustrating.

framed ipad

No scoring, no achivements, no profiles/saved games, heck not even a menu, Framed could have been much more. But it chose to focus on being a game that looks like a comic, so its just that. If you get it at bargain or have too much money: go for it. You might get better games for 5 bucks though.


$ 4.99

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