Mikey Hooks – the modern Pitfall

Don't we all love Hookshots

So there’s Mikey again. If you don’t know him yet, read the Mikey Shorts Review as Mikey Hooks is the 2nd installment of the series. And while it doesn’t add a whole lot, it’s another good one.


As you can see, Mikey got a new toy – a grappling hook, if hold the jump button again while mid air, he will attach it to anchor points that you now can find almost everywhere in the levels, it makes time attacks even more fun now, cause theres a lot more creativity required in finding the fastest possible way to the exit. Some Levels are even built like Labyrinths.


Another addition to the Mikey series is new damage mechanics, mikey can now take damage from enemies and the environment. There are not many enemy types, some you can destroy by sliding into them, on some you can stand on top and use them as a platform, the rest is plain deadly.

The game now has 24 levels divided into 6 worlds, just like the original Mikey Shorts. IF you’re not trying to earn three stars on every level, then you will have completed the story mode within an hour or two. Three starring everything was much harder (and more fun) than in its predecessor.
Also theres a “Race Mode” now, 12 levels in which you compete against AI ghosts, those levels are also much longer than the story mode levels.


Theres also a 99¢ in-app purchase – don’t really know who the target group for that is though, it unlocks a bonus menu with options for double coins,
a coin magnet, more life and a retro mode with retro graphics.

The game’s controls havent changed from the first game, its a on-screen D-Pad which you can move around a bit to personalize it to you, it does its job very good.

Mikey hooks is a solid sequel, it feels like the first game Mikey Shorts, yet adds another layer which makes it slightly more challenging – which I enjoyed.
If you think Mikey could be for you, you might want to take the Mikey Triology as its cheaper vs buying every game by itself.

Mikey Hooks

Mikey Hooks

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