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Mikey Shorts – his first run

Simple isn't always bad

I have played quite some Jump’n’Runs in my Life, from Mario and Alex Kidd to Rayman, Sonic and Banjo Kazooie. I’m not a really Big Fan of the genre, – but i give every really good game a chance, and that genre produced quite some good games. Mikey Shorts might be one of them.

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Though it cant compare to any of the big titles mentioned above, – its still one of the better Jump’n’Runs on small touch devices and its cheap. What you get is a small simple Game, with a limited amount of levels and challenges that keeps you entertained for some hours. Depending on your skill it won’t take too long to get every last star, find every last secret and finish every last level. Mikey Shorts follows the really basics of the genre. Get through a level without dying, collect coins on your way, kill enemies by jumping on them, avoid spikes, gaps etc and if possible be fast. Depending on your speed you get up to three stars, theres some hidden shorts in each level and an extra award for collecting all coins. Besides the Story Levels, theres some challenge levels that are just about speed.

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The controls work surprisingly well though the dev didnt find a better way to handle them except putting up onscreen touch points for left/right, jump and slide. You can reposition them with an options menu – which helped me and my thick fingers quite a bit. Graphics and the sound are ok. They dont add much for the game, they dont have much charisma, Mikey certainly isnt a very memorable character, the story is not worth mentioning. But – for me – the game had exactly the level of difficulty that never got me frustrated and always made me come back quickly to clear another level perfectly.

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By the way, you can “unlock” costumes for the coins, and for some achievements etc – not by in-app purchases, but still the feature seems useless to me, i didnt enjoy it, – maybe its fun for kids, i dont know. But if you are into redressing your pixel charakter, it might add to your experience.


Mikey Shorts is a solid Jump’n’Run which givey you good value for your money esp. if you take the Mikey Triology. It doesnt have state of the art graphics or sound, but givey you good character control that you even can adjust, and is just fun for a limited while. Once you perfected everything, theres nothing much to do so at that point the replay value is not that high anymore – except maybe buying the few last very expensive costumes. Still if you like Jump’n’Runs you probably will enjoy the game.

Mikey Shorts

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Mikey Shorts

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