Mikey Boots – well rather flies

Why does he need boots anyway?

So, we have the third installment of the Mikey series. Might be the last as well.
It isn’t even a classical jump and run anymore. This time you float.
Thats right, Mikey goes flappy bird. Of course its far more accessible, and you can also float in both directions.

mikey boots level rainbow

It still feels like a Mikey game though, it has the same scoring mechanics, like Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks. Your primal goal in each level is still getting through it alive, collecting all coins, not getting any damage and be fast – then you earn your precious three stars. In average that task felt a bit easier then in the other Mikeys, its still quite challenging and sometimes a bit frustrating.

mikey boots level screenshot

42 Levels – still if you are not aiming for perfect, the game wont last too long. It also has a lot of custimizations again, though they feel somewhat pointless, why would you want to wear silly costumes in a single player game, and why even pay for costume dlcs.

mikey_boots ios screenshot

Theres really not that much to say about Mikey Boots, the graphics are a bit nicer than the other mikeys, but still rather functional. the level design is okay, the controls are quite good. Once you have three-starred everything, theres not much reason to play the game again.

mikey boots ice level

Mikey Boots is a nice game, it still feels like a mikey game even though its technically not a jump’n run – or even a platformer anymore. If you enjoyed the first two mikeys you are most likely to enjoy this one too, though it plays a bit different, but if you like these kind of challenges, you won’t be disappointed.

Mikey Shorts – his first run

Simple isn't always bad

I have played quite some Jump’n’Runs in my Life, from Mario and Alex Kidd to Rayman, Sonic and Banjo Kazooie. I’m not a really Big Fan of the genre, – but i give every really good game a chance, and that genre produced quite some good games. Mikey Shorts might be one of them.

mikey shorts level

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Fotonica – a lesson on failing

You got to draw a line at some point.

I really want to like Fotonica. I put quite some time into it, admittedly more than i enjoyed ~
the game just doesnt grow on me. But let’s start with the basics: Fotonica is a 3D “first person perspective” runner, but not a free to play one. Fotonica comes with rather monochrome wireframe graphics and ambient eletronic sounds (few of them made by BAIYON who also made the awesome sound to Pixeljunk Eden). Fotonica is controlled with only 1 finger. Fotonica does not have randomly generated levels (except in endless mode). Fotonica has a local multiplayer mode.

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