Some words on Threes!

Biggest time-waster since reddit

Threes! challenges you in more than just one way. Can you play “just one round” in your break?
Can you beat your highscore? Can you develop a strategy?

Because in the beginning it seems that you can not. It seems to make no difference whether you randomly swipe around or whether you follow a pattern that you think is good. In the beginning 96 will be the biggest number you see. You get bigger numbers by combining two of the Same, except for the 2 and 1 ~ they form a three when pushed together, and from there its 3+3 = 6, 6+6=12 … and so on. Reaching a number you have never seen before makes you happy.

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Wayward Souls Review

A Rogue-like Action-Adventure

In Wayward Souls you begin by picking one of three classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue) and start your quest in complete confusion. You’ll encounter monsters, traps, loot, forges, shrines and bosses and will curse now and then when you die in a crowd of bats. Later when you gained some experience, you will unlock three more classes (Adventurer, Spellsword, Cultist).


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